Three Thoughts about COP24

It's been one week since I returned from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In that time I have reflected on my experience and have decided share my top three takeaways! 1. Representation is power While at the conference, my research and outreach focused on indigenous populations and their priorities. I had... Continue Reading →


Tidewater Glaciers: Harbingers of Climate Change?

We’ve all seen them. The videos of sheets upon sheets of glacier ice falling into the waiting, warming ocean. (If you haven’t yet, go check out Chasing Ice – a fantastic documentary.) But what have we actually learned from those videos? Well Dr. Jason Amundson of the University of Alaska Fairbanks recently spoke at Emory... Continue Reading →

Climate Myths: Snowfall

While we’re sweltering in the heat of summer, let’s talk about something cooler – snow! The wonderfully cold, powdery white, frozen water that occupies our holiday dreams and complicates the lives of those tasked with its management. As it turns out, the job of preparing for and responding to snow storms is becoming more difficult.... Continue Reading →

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